What we offer

The Deep Wells Group works to help develop, support, and empower leaders who aspire to make a positive impact on our world.  At the heart of our leadership development programs is a concept from The Leadership Challenge; “leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who willingly follow them.”  In conjunction with the Deep Wells Method, we use the LPI (a 360-degree leadership measuring tool) to help better inform leaders about how their actions affect those with whom they work.  We have programs designed for individuals and teams.

Leadership Development

Our coaching program is designed to help individuals of all ages brainstorm, refine and express the behaviors and traits that genuinely represent them, while also engaging in a process that will allow them to better articulate what they truly desire to accomplish.  In this process, we look to focus on each client's unique strengths and work to find ways that will support them as they endeavor to make better decisions, take more thoughtful action, and achieve their most meaningful goals.  At the heart of our program is the development of an authentic relationship between the coach and the client; a relationship that will allow us to serve the needs of each client best.  This relationship will hopefully extend well beyond the initial contract.

Personal Development

In our aim to help to create, maintain, and perpetuate cultures and communities where all members are engaged and empowered, we focus both on the individual and the environment.  Inclusivity, and diversity for that matter are not one-size fits all endeavors.  Therefore it is essential to focus on the identity of the individuals and then look at how she or he perceives both the actual and aspirational identity of the company or institution.  True Inclusivity is the sense that every person, who has chosen to be a member of a community based on its mission, credo, and purpose, has a real sense of belonging.  We recognize that this is a process that is always in motion as our communities are in constant flux.  Our goal is to give organizations and individuals the tools to navigate that inevitable growth and change.

Identity, Inclusion, and Diversity Programming

What makes a team?  At Deep Wells Group we champion the fact that great teams are made of individuals who know and utilize their strengths, recognize and endeavor to work on their shortcomings,  and are committed to the growth and development of the team and all of the individuals who are a part of the team.  Our team-building work begins with a focus on what is the purpose of the team, and what it hopes to accomplish.  After engaging deeply in that process, we move towards helping the individual members of the team discover and clarify their gifts and talents.  We then shift the focus towards recognizing and accepting the gifts and talents of the other members of the team.  Finally, we work towards helping the team maximize the talents of all members as they learn to work together with the initial goals and purpose in mind.